Dome Technology featured as cover story for ‘Shotcrete’ award issue

Dome Technology is honored to have been featured on the cover of Shotcrete magazine’s Winter 2017 issue, which highlights the American Shotcrete Association’s annual outstanding shotcrete project awards.

Dome Technology built its current corporate headquarters in 2013. The company’s previous office was built in the mid-1980s, so the technology was outdated, the building was aging, and natural light was lacking. Management knew a new facility could be an asset for business, both internal and external.

“We wanted to be able to show people what we could do. We bring in people from all over the world to meet with us, and we needed an upgrade,” said Daren Wheeler, who acted as project manager for the new office.

The company builds bulk-storage and architectural domes all over the world and specializes in customized solutions to meet customer needs. Since “technology” is part of its name, Dome Technology sought an architectural style that would complement its cutting-edge engineering and construction. “It’s a modern office with an industrial flair,” Wheeler said, adding that visitors can’t help but notice the open freespan area.

Dome Technology’s corporate headquarters, recognized in the issue with an honorable mention, is pictured on page one; the full project feature is found on page 46. To read the article and to review the issue online, visit Shotcrete’s online edition.

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