Dome Technology assumes Estructuras Domo’s future business opportunities

Dome Technology has assumed all of Spain-based Estructuras Domo’s future business opportunities and existing customer relationships.

This transfer of Estructuras Domo’s future project portfolio and strong global presence will further expand the dome market worldwide and enhance Dome Technology’s global presence.

“This is a great opportunity for Dome Technology. Estructuras Domo has a long history of success and is a proven leader in the dome industry. The unifying of both companies brings together a great team of people that propels Dome Technology even further as the world leader in bulk-storage solutions,” Dome Technology CEO Bradley Bateman said.

In 1991 Estructuras Domo began building domes in Spain and has since expanded their reach into Europe and the rest of the world, completing 30 industrial and architectural domes and water tanks.

The relationship has already introduced Dome Technology to 30 new potential projects and clients, some of which are nearly under contract. Also, Dome Technology has hired several key Estructuras Domo employees, including former director general Victor Ruiz Morata, who will assist in acquisition of European projects.