Dome Technology adds to current project list

The work keeps coming for Dome Technology, and 2021 is proving to be a banner year. Here are a few of the projects the team is tackling now:

Repeat customer American Crystal Sugar has contracted Dome Technology to build a sugar dome in Montgomery, Illinois. This dome, with a capacity of 60,000 metric tons, is being built adjacent to an existing dome from a previous collaboration between the companies. The new dome has been insulated, and construction is happening inside. Fabrication of the tube gallery, which will extend between the domes, is underway in the Dome Technology shop and can be seen above.

Dome Technology is building two elliptical salt-storage domes for a toll-road manager—another repeat customer. The domes will stand 90 feet by 120 feet across and 43 feet tall, and maintenance managers determined the 3,500-ton capacity per dome based on the estimated amount of salt needed to service roads in the area. For optimal accessibility, the domes feature a rectangular entry with three truck bays measuring 20 feet wide and 20 feet tall, and front-end loader will facilitate loading and reclaim.

Crews on a remote island in the Indian Ocean are building two wood-pellet domes for an international energy company. These domes have been designed to withstand seismic activity, and a shortened schedule is necessary for construction to be completed before the next cyclone season.

A massive clinker dome is being built in the central United States and, when complete, will be second in size only to a Romania clinker dome also built by Dome Technology. The current dome was designed 220 feet in diameter and 164 feet tall, and perhaps most importantly to the customer, it will hold up to 190,000 metric tons of clinker.

Additional projects include fabrication for a large steel-erection project, a wood-pellet dome in the Deep South, and a new cement facility in Utah.