Booming construction means many projects & a growing team

In April 2021 Dome Technology had 17 active projects with several more about to go under contract. In response, the company has been working through a hiring blitz to acquire necessary employees to oversee and complete work.

This number of projects in the bulk-storage industry is the result of decades prioritizing clients, employees, and best building practices. “We ride for the customer’s brand, we do our best to provide a good working environment for our employees, and we try to use technology to innovate and bring the best solutions we can,” Dome Technology Vice President of Operations Dan South said.

To date, Dome Technology employs 125 people who provide services in construction, welding, fabrication, engineering, sales, marketing, accounting, and more. Based on the current project load, the company is actively recruiting employees for field work and fabrication in the on-campus shop.

Dome Technology has also started an internship program where college students seeking engineering or construction experience can work alongside seasoned professionals on real-life projects. Information about these openings and other employment opportunities can always be found on the Careers page.