Annual Report 2020 available now


Dome Technology has published its annual report highlighting bright spots in 2020 business and the company’s upward trajectory.

Some of the report’s highlights are listed below:

  • The company completed two projects for McInnis Cement, one in Rhode Island and another in the Bronx, New York. This work garnered attention from a wide range of cement publications because of the project size and breadth of Dome Technology’s scope of work.
  • In 2020 Dome Technology expanded its manufacturing capabilities by investing in equipment for cutting, scoring, labeling, hole punching, and more, reducing fabrication time and lending precision to projects. Dome Technology fabricated nearly 600 tons of steel in the shop last year.
  • A new fire station built in northern Utah was completed, boasting Park City style and room for seven (or more) emergency vehicles inside.
  • Twenty-one new projects began, ranging from bulk storage to mechanical work to silo recovers.
  • Dome Technology launched a new website with easier functionality and a library of relevant literature for the commercial and industrial industries.

Access the full annual report here.