A snapshot of two current Dome Technology projects

Our team is busy with projects in the U.S. and abroad. Here is a look at two current Dome Technology projects that show our expertise beyond building industrial domes.

Beggs, OK:

Dome Technology is building two storm shelters in Beggs, Oklahoma, for the Beggs Public Schools.

The project will wrap up in early summer. The domes are not identical; one is 140 feet in diameter and the other 110 feet. Both will be used as multi-purpose spaces.

This is the second Dome Technology project in Beggs. In 2004 the team built two identical storm shelters for the school district, adjacent to the elementary, middle, and high schools. The new domes are located on the same site.


Port Allen Tank 27:

Dome Technology is rehabilitating a tank in Port Allen, Louisiana, by pouring concrete to raise the floor, placing an above-grade tunnel, installing aeration troughs, and adding new access doors. The project should be completed in early May 2019.

The customer has utilized the steel tank to store soybeans for years, but reclaim has been slow because of the age of the structure. “In today’s market, you’ve got to move (quickly) because when you move, you make money,” said Dome Technology sales manager Daren Wheeler. “We went in and put in a bigger tunnel so reclaim is in a tunnel, not just in the bottom of the tank. Now we’ve got reclaim, we’ve got hoppers, and we’ve got aeration troughs. We’ve provided a sweep in the bottom, and we have a high-roller conveyance system that basically now can move product four or five times faster.”

After the rehab the tank will have two access doors, one located at ground level for tunnel access and another above that, accessed by a ramp when cleaning is required. Dome Technology fabricated the steel ramp.