A better barrier: Protective coatings and liners

Whether preserving your product’s integrity or safeguarding the environment where it’s stored, protective coatings and liners provide solid separation. Here are a few ways these coatings work for customers:

protective coating on roof

Primary containment

Protect what you store and the facility storing it with a protective coating. Fast-set polyurea is the product of choice as it cures quickly on vertical surfaces, yielding a smooth and uniform protective layer. Ideal for tank restoration, the coating is often added to the exterior to improve aesthetics too.

Secondary containment

Pits housing tanks can be lined with a HDPE membrane to prevent leaching of any product into the ground.

Floors and decks

For a sealer that is easy to clean and waterproof, select a protective polyurethane coating that’ll ensure a long life for your flooring. You’ll get increased protection from salt, oil, and traffic, plus strength and flexibility.

Tunnel lining

Our waterproofing coatings are sufficient for material-handling tunnels or those channeling excess water away from stored product.

sugar dome interior coating

Direct food contact

Food-safe coatings are necessary when storing products ready to go to the consumer, like sugar. This layer protects product by creating a barrier between product and concrete or steel, preventing debris from getting into food.

For more information about these products or how protective coatings can work for you, contact our sales team.