Benefits of Design-Build

Dome Technology customers see four big benefits from the project’s outset:

Rewriting the process. Designing material-handling systems in conjunction with the dome results in a unified, smarter facility since one is planned with the other in mind. Selecting our team for the entire project eliminates the need to hire out the material-handling system to another company, reducing work and worry for the customer.

Your project done faster. Our engineers have worked in the world of construction; they know with how things are built. Their double perspective yields more efficiency and a faster construction schedule. The design is completed with the building process in mind.

No need to play the middleman. The design-build approach is based on relationships of trust between engineers and contractors, where customers are spared the frustration of acting as mediator. With Dome Technology’s design-build method, there’s a vested interest for the designer and builder to collaborate since they are on the same team.

Cost savings. Since the engineer and the contractor are the same company, the project can be optimized and built for the lowest costs, saving time and money while maintaining quality. Because the design is analyzed as a whole rather than in pieces, efficiency and cost savings increase.

How the process works:

A potential customer contacts Dome Technology’s sales department and outlines needs—annual throughput, tonnage to be stored, required storage conditions, the way the product must enter and exit the structure, and site-specific parameters.

The sales department provides that information to the design-build team, which produces a preliminary plan and prices the project. Our team can quickly provide a budget estimate for the entire project scope, including the dome and its material-handling systems. The whole purpose of this estimate is for customers to see if the project falls within budget without having to wait six months for exact figures. If the estimated costs are feasible, the team works towards firm numbers.

Once the customer approves preliminary plans, Dome Technology mobilizes on the site; even while design is wrapping up, construction can begin. The engineering and construction can take place concurrently, allowing construction to be underway more quickly while specifics are finalized.

Other Delivery Methods

Dome Technology also does business as a subcontractor for domes, dome tunnels, and conveying and mechanical systems. For more information, contact our sales team.