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Scope of Work

Domes Height Diameter Capacity
#705 125ft 125ft 50,000t
#705 38.1m 38.1m 50,000t
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During the third quarter of 2022, Dome Technology finished building Ozinga’s new cement storage dome at the Port of Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

The 50,000-metric-ton DomeSilo is located north of Miami and has a multi-colored airform, low-profile dome roof, and parapet. The structure’s custom appearance resulted from a cooperative effort between Ozinga, Dome Technology, the port of Palm Beach, and the City of Riviera Beach to enhance the visual landscape of the area and complement the marine environment. According to Ozinga vice president of strategic development Greg Vander Velde, Dome Technology was integral in bringing the design to life. Innovation extended beyond the exterior design.

For conveyance, the DomeSilo required 1,650 feet of 20-inch-diameter pipe from the ship unloader to the DomeSilo. Dome Technology worked with Bruks Siwertell and FLSmidth to develop a new concept in ship unloading that combines a Siwertell mechanical ship unloader with FLS pneumatic transport that can easily move product, eliminating dust concerns. This model is now being marketed to others in the bulk industry with similar conveyance requirements.

The Ozinga facility will receive and store international shipments of cement that will then be transported to other locations for use in ready-mix concrete. Ozinga has supplied cement for commercial, residential, public works, landscaping, and excavation projects from its Florida locations in Davie, Doral, Miami Gardens, Miami, Deerfield, and Riviera Beach since 2017.

“The dome facility is strategic to Ozinga’s ready-mix operations in South Florida. Additionally, the terminal will help secure a supply chain of cement to the regional market, support South Florida’s growth, and offset the rising cost of construction,” Vander Velde said.

This is Dome Technology’s second project with Ozinga, the first being a 50,000-metric-ton cement dome in Chicago. “Dome Technology is grateful for the opportunity to be part of the solution for this unique and challenging project,” Dome Technology CEO Bradley Bateman said. “Our team appreciates the chance to work with Ozinga on another project that’s exceptional.”