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Scope of Work

Domes Height Diameter Capacity
#591 111ft 127ft 18,000t
#591 33.8m 38.7m 18,000t

In 2016 Dome Technology completed construction on a grain dome and its handling systems for global commodities merchandizer and agricultural-goods processor Louis Dreyfus Commodities in Cahokia, Illinois.

Following a design-build approach, the dome measures 127 feet in diameter and 99 feet tall will hold 18,000 metric tons of various grains.

The dome will function as a daybin with employees filling it during the day and emptying it at night. “They will fill this dome and unload trucks all day long, and at night they will load the barges out of the dome,” said Dome Technology project manager Darryl Cunningham, who noted that this model will increase the number of trucks running through the site to as many as 1,000 per day. The model also allows Louis Dreyfus to run multiple products through the site at the same time through their split receiving systems.

The Cahokia dome contains equipment that monitors temperature, humidity, approximate level, and insects; systems also control aeration by determining run conditions for fans.

This is the second dome project for Louis Dreyfus. In early 2016 Dome Technology completed an 11,500-metric-ton canola-pellet dome for the company in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Louis Dreyfus selected Dome Technology after determining a concrete dome would be the best solution for its storage needs in Yorkton and Cahokia, said Louis Dreyfus project manager Ross McEllhiney. “This is our first time using concrete domes for this type of storage, and Dome Technology was determined to be the most qualified for this application and location,” he said.

Dome Technology leadership hopes the Yorkton and Cahokia projects will be the first steps toward creating a long-term working relationship with Louis Dreyfus. “The biggest thing we’re excited about is starting a relationship with a company that’s worldwide and well known,” Dome Technology sales manager James Stoker said. “Our goal is to become a preferred vendor. We want to not only provide the best storage solution, but also execute the best we can and provide a great product and project (to) satisfy the customer.”