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Scope of Work

Domes Height Diameter Capacity
#591 109ft 119ft 22,499t
#591 33.2m 36.3m 22,499t

In June 2015 global commodities merchandizer and agricultural-goods processor Louis Dreyfus selected a dome for canola-pellet storage in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The dome shell was completed April 2016. The Dome Technology team provided the dome, engineering, tunnels system, and mechanical works inside and out. The design-build approach lends itself to customization; it benefits the customer and promotes flexibility, even during construction.

“One of our strengths as a design-build team is our ability to adapt to changes and implement them in a short time frame. Our working relationship with the owner and design team creates the dynamic needed to make these changes possible during the construction process and goes a long way in mitigating the financial pain associated with delays due to these design changes,” said Daren Wheeler, Dome Technology project manager.

Part of the unique Yorkton design was the first-of-its-kind reclaim system, including a 107-foot Model 1566 Laidig reclaim screw meeting the specific project parameters and the reclaim needs for canola, said Laidig vice president of marketing Michael Lacognato.

“What we have done, and what we’ll continue to do, is to engineer, design, and expand our product lines to address increasing industry requirements. This wasn’t a solution created just for LD; rather, we anticipated this application years ago. We had this design platform ready and will eventually provide many more systems very similar to Model 1566 reclaimers—some will be even larger in diameter,” he said.

Historically Louis Dreyfus has utilized silo packs of 10 to 12, but the company selected Dome Technology after determining a concrete dome would be the best solution for its canola storage needs at the Yorkton site, said Louis Dreyfus project manager Ross McEllhiney. “This is our first time in using concrete domes for this type of storage, and Dome Technology was determined to be the most qualified for this application and location,” he said.