Safety from the Storm

Today more businesses, schools, and government agencies are partnering with Dome Technology to construct storm shelters, and it’s no surprise why: Domes are stronger, more versatile, and more cost effective than conventional structures. If your community values out-of-the-box thinking and investing in the future, a dome is the smart choice.

When storm clouds gather, rest assured that your friends, neighbors, and local children have a safe haven. Windborne debris, projectiles, and 250-mph wind speeds are no match for a dome engineered to combat weather events. There’s no better place to seek shelter from the storm.

Because Dome Technology storm shelters cost less to build and operate, city and school officials can spread the word that tax dollars are being well spent. If your community values wise spending and investing in the future, a storm shelter from Dome Technology is the smart choice.

Dome Technology storm shelters are built with locally available concrete and reinforcing steel. The dome’s double curvature requires fewer construction materials with significantly less waste. A dome can also be built quickly; once the outer weatherproof membrane is in place, construction moves inside, so building continues regardless of the weather.

With 40 years of experience and more than 700 completed projects, Dome Technology is the industry leader in concrete dome construction. As the pioneer of this construction process, we continue to innovate, design, and build robust safe rooms that exceed FEMA 361 and ICC-500 standards, offering a turnkey free-span solution. From 3,000, to 80,000 square feet, this structure proves to be an affordable, efficient, and safe shelter for your kids and community.

The materials we use are key. The airform acts as an impermeable membrane that keeps moisture at bay. The insulation and concrete shell provide better climate control inside. Combined with steel reinforcement and nature’s perfectly strong shape, the structure is undeniably robust, making it ideal for weathering any storm.