Foundations & Tunnels Construction

Supporting a dome in diverse soil conditions

No matter how heavy your load, Dome Technology can customize a foundation system to support it. Based on geotechnical analysis and an understanding of your product, our team provides innovative foundation options providing an overall economic system. But the first step is geotechnical analysis. By examining and analyzing the desired location of the dome, our design team establishes solutions that work with existing site conditions.

The ring beam

With dome construction, a ring-beam foundation or pile cap is added at ground level to form the foundation for the dome’s concrete and rebar. At this point, all construction materials and equipment are moved inside the ring, allowing construction to continue monsoon or heat wave notwithstanding. Tunnels too are constructed as needed for the material-handling processes of the dome.

Tunnels for reclaim

Depending on the configuration of the dome, the amount of material stored there, and how much product will be reclaimed an hour, the appropriate number of tunnels will be installed. Tunnels construction is determined early and is integrated into the dome’s foundation. A tunnel constructed in ground means more storage capacity within the dome, so these systems are often below grade; when water tables are unusually high, an above-grade tunnel will be constructed, though our team utilizes many strategies for working tunnels into wet soils.