Finishing Details & Interiors

Options, options

With the thin-shell concrete dome completed, customers can choose finishes for inside and out. Tile and pavers are commonly applied to the exterior, with the PVC airform remaining in place and continuing to act as the waterproofing membrane, only now invisible to the eye. Some customers choose a “green roof,” planting grass atop the low-profile dome. Windows—even large picture panes—can be added. Inside, sheetrock is hung, paint is added, and distinct levels and rooms take shape.

Flexibility for the future

Because the dome is self-supporting, the truss-free interior is naturally an open space. This available square footage allows cities or schools in need of a storm shelter to utilize the structure for alternate daily use.

A system for precipitation

An integrated parapet gutter system manages water shed from the roof and diverts it away from the building’s foundation. This system also prevents melting snow and ice from falling off the roof in sheets.