Additional Structures & Systems

Dome-supported and adjacent structures

Once dome construction is complete, the focus turns to auxiliary components like extended entrances, openings, apex curbs, and mechanical systems. Headhouses—even those with multiple levels—can be constructed atop the dome, along with other steel structures. 

Flexible opening options for diverse access methods

Openings in the dome accommodate gravity feeding, explosion venting, wheel-loader access, conveyor access, and other access needs. Pneumatic floors, mechanical screws, other reclaim systems, climate systems, and specialized equipment are installed within a dome. This level of flexibility allows customers to secure the exact features they want with each component well integrated into the dome structure itself.

Installation of mechanical and electrical systems

From design to assembly, our team can craft custom systems—fully automated processing and reclaim systems and sensors that analyze temperature, humidity, and other conditions—for your dome and arrive on site for installation.  To ensure construction and installation of all systems are done correctly, our quality-control staff of project managers and superintendents implement and execute daily checklists and reports; this information is uploaded online so supervisors can gauge the quality of each step as it is completed.

Project involvement beyond the scope of the dome

Dome Technology backs each project because we design and build every dome to last.