The continuous single-ply PVC waterproofing membrane of the dome ensures complete waterproof protection for the reinforced concrete shell and consequently the material stored within. A mold resistant UV-protective resin coats both sides of the membrane providing long-term protection from these two common sources of degradation. No other silo option offers this type of water-proof protection.

The entire exterior of a dome is covered by a mold resistant UV-protective resin coating on both sides of a single-ply PVC waterproofing membrane that provides a continuous-sealed 100% waterproof barrier. The membrane is made of one of the strongest, most durable, and longest-lasting high-tension fabrics available on the market. Membrane sections are radio frequency welded to provide continuous strength and water-tightness over the entire exterior surface. Rivets, fasteners or other mechanical connections found in other structures are not used, thus eliminating potential sources for leaks. This comprehensive approach to waterproofing ensures long-lasting protection for your stored product and structure.