When storm clouds gather, rest assured that your friends, neighbors, and local children have a safe haven. Windborne debris, projectiles, and 250-mph wind speeds are no match for a dome engineered to combat weather events. There’s no better place to seek shelter from the storm.

The Wind Science & Engineering Center Debris Impact Test Facility at Texas Tech University conducted tests to determine Dome Technology domes’ ability to withstand windborne debris. A design-level projectile was shot at the shell at more than 100 mph, which penetrated the outer weatherproofing membrane and insulation layer but splintered upon impact with the reinforced concrete dome. The testing was done in accordance with guidelines found in FEMA 320/361 and ICC-500 specifications.

Custom engineering features

  • ICC 500 specifications
  • FEMA 361 criteria
  • Missile impact test (FEMA 32 and ICC 500, Protocol 4, Tornado)
  • All-weather construction
  • Type 1 (fire-resistant) construction
  • IBC seismic criteria
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission guidelines for withstanding 482+
       kph (300+ mph) winds (ASCE Paper 3269 and ASCE 7-10 codes)