Zinc—sizing up storage options

Storing zinc is a weighty matter, and designing a proper storage system is critical to the overall success and economy of a project. A dome is the perfect storage system.

More storage, smaller footprint: Warehouse and flat-storage structures can only be built so tall before their strength is compromised; with domes, customers can store more product in a smaller footprint, stacking it deeper and taking up less valuable property at the site. While some businesses require multiple buildings for flat storage, one dome will likely accommodate the same amount of material in one structure. The double curvature of a dome lends itself to strength and the ability to build up, rather than out. For heavy products like zinc, a dome always beats flat storage and traditional silos because of the strength of the dome structure itself.

Firm foundations: No matter how heavy your load, Dome Technology can customize a foundation system to support it. Based on geotechnical analysis and an understanding of your product, our team provides innovative foundation options and an overall economical system.

Access options: Dome Technology continues to innovate the application of reclaim systems that are cost effective and competitive. By partnering with reclaim manufacturers, our team has the resources and technology know-how to build the dome and get the product in and out.

Reclaim options: Our domes can be designed and equipped for reclaim options like front-end loader, gravity, stacker reclaimer, screw reclaimer, and more.  The number and type of tunnels are designed and built to suit your project.