Study Shows Settlement Predictable With Software Dome Technology Uses

April 6, 2016

Idaho Falls, ID — A recent report indicates that dome settlement can be accurately predicted using the same software Dome Technology’s engineering group utilizes.

Published in the Spring 2016 issue of the quarterly Plaxis Bulletin, a back analysis of a Hungary sugar dome’s foundation based on its loading and unloading history found that the calculated and actual settlements were accurately determined using the finite element model and Plaxis software. Engineers, then, “can calculate with reasonable accuracy eventual settlements by using available software,” said engineer for Dome Technology Adam Aagard.

Conducted by a team of four from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the academic study analyzed the foundation performance of the dome in Kaposvar, Hungary, built for Magyar Cukor to store up to 60,000 metric tons. According to the report, geodetic methods were used to monitor its performance and settlement during the filling process.

The report also indicates that domes can be built for different soil types and qualities with settlement in mind, Aagard said. Accuracy of anticipated settlement, however, is dependent upon accuracy of input, so soil design parameters and models must be precise and representative, he added.

Plaxis is an industry leader in geotechnical software tools, courses and seminars; their software is based on the finite element method and is utilized in Dome Technology’s engineering.

Download this third-party analysis.

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