Local media covers inflation of Hansen dome

October 25, 2018

Hansen, IdahoKMVT Channel 11 in Twin Falls, Idaho, covered the inflation of an airform for an auxiliary gymnasium Tuesday and produced this segment following the event.

Dome Technology of Idaho Falls was contracted to build the Hansen School District 415 gym, a $1 million structure located on the district campus. According to Dome Technology superintendent Juan Pena, roughly 350 people attended the inflation, including students, school administrators, elected officials and Hansen citizens.

The gym will feature a domed roof 120 feet in diameter built upon a 14-foot insulated-concrete-form stem wall. Total square footage is 11,310, and features will include a regulation basketball court, an exercise room, a walking track, ADA-compliant bathrooms and locker rooms.

A dome is a conventional building with an unconventional building method. To construct the roof, a PVC airform is attached to the walls, then inflated to provide the necessary shape. Concrete and reinforcing steel are placed to the inside of the airform until the roof is superior in its strength. The building requires no interior walls or trusses for support.

According to superintendent David Carson, the new gym will make it easier for students and locals to schedule practice time and community events. “We were able to get a good facility at the price point we were looking at,” Carson said. “This will be used as a community center as well. Anytime you can have a second gym, it helps in a lot of ways.” An anonymous donation of $1 million funded this project.

About Dome Technology

Founded in 1975 by Barry South, Dome Technology builds domes that can be used for industrial bulk storage such as wood pellets, gypsum, fly ash, coal, grain, fertilizer, mining ores and other bulk products. Dome Technology also builds domes for practical architectural facilities such as schools, churches or gymnasiums. Dome Technology has built some 550 domes in the past 35 plus years throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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