Inflation of Second Wood Pellet Bulk Storage Dome in Canada

March 18, 2014

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada — Dome Technology inflated the second wood-pellet bulk-storage dome in Quebec Canada today in just over 2 hours. With a storage capacity of nearly 80,000 mt the domes will store wood pellets for distribution from the port of Quebec, Canada.

About Dome Technology

Founded in 1975 by Barry South, Dome Technology builds domes that can be used for industrial bulk storage such as wood pellets, gypsum, fly ash, coal, grain, fertilizer, mining ores and other bulk products. Dome Technology also builds domes for practical architectural facilities such as schools, churches or gymnasiums. Dome Technology has built some 550 domes in the past 35 plus years throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.