Dome Technology Broke Ground on New World Headquarters

May 1, 2013

Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States — Dome Technology broke ground for their new world headquarters next to its current complex. The building shell will be a 184ft x 144ft low profile ellipse with a
height of 30ft. The building will have a 15,000sf footprint with a 2,500sf mezzanine. It is due to open in February 2014 and it will add a striking new landmark to Idaho Falls. Idaho Falls has been the company’s home for nearly 40 years and the new building is a demonstration of Dome Technology’s current success,
its confidence in its future and its commitment to Idaho Falls. The building will be the biggest single expression of Dome Technology’s values and will be outstanding in its environmental commitment to tackling climate change. This new building will give Dome Technology employees a working
environment they can be proud of, with first-class facilities. The building will overcome the inefficiencies of our existing complex of buildings and make better use of space to allow greater co-ordination and interaction between business teams. Dome Technology’s approach will be to minimize individual office spaceand maximize the flexibility given by open plan floors. But where confidentiality is required it will be available. The new building is an opportunity to take advantage of new technology to
create greater flexibility to the advantage of both the business and individuals.


About Dome Technology

Founded in 1975 by Barry South, Dome Technology builds domes that can be used for industrial bulk storage such as wood pellets, gypsum, fly ash, coal, grain, fertilizer, mining ores and other bulk products. Dome Technology also builds domes for practical architectural facilities such as schools, churches or gymnasiums. Dome Technology has built some 550 domes in the past 35 plus years throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.