How customers benefit from Dome Technology, ES2 partnership

Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt of an article that ran in the June 2017 issue of Dry Cargo International; full text available on page 103.

Sixteen years of partnership have produced a high level of synergy for Dome Technology and Engineering System Solutions (ES2), a team that continuously collaborates to develop innovative bulk storage options for the marketplace.

With both companies headquartered on the same campus, Dome Technology and ES2 work closely on bulk-storage and architectural projects around the world. The team has developed an effective, proven system for collaboration, something unique in construction.

“The stigma in the construction world is that contractors often disagree with engineers because engineers are so inflexible. Having the relationship we do with Dome Technology, we can work toward the most economical solution on a problem,” said ES2 project manager Adam Aagard. “We have a good relationship with the contractor, and we can incorporate their feedback to improve our constructability, which can save money.”

Customers who select a dome from Dome Technology gain access to the ES2 experts, who can engineer the dome, the electrical system and the mechanical systems. “One of the biggest benefits that we have is not just that we can design the structure, but that we can design the whole package,” Aagard said.

ES2 is involved in each Dome Technology project from the beginning. An engineer plays a pivotal role in the sales process, often making initial sales trips to lend technical support on the mechanical and electrical side. That way, no customer requests are lost in translation since engineer and contractor are present from the beginning to discuss expectations, and customers get quick feedback about a project’s feasibility.

When a single team engineers the entire scope of the project, a facility benefits from streamlined and seamless systems, not to mention a reduced construction schedule since the engineers and contractors work closely together. “When it’s all in-house from the design and construction standpoint, it takes a ton of risk off the customer, and also it’s faster — there’s no one we can blame for delays in the schedule,” Aagard said.

After 40 years of dome building and industrial construction, Dome Technology understands the importance of collaborating with companies like ES2 that are also eager to pioneer better ways to store and handle bulk products.

“In every project, Dome Technology and ES2 incorporate innovative technology to maximize storage capacity and system performance with an economical solution,” said Dome Technology CEO Bradley Bateman.